The provision with high-capacity broadband access is a challenge for society as a whole. In order to enable a roll-out of high-capacity broadband access also in areas, where the market would fail to do so for economic reasons, public co-funding may be considered for help.

Supporting such measures in such ways is named state aid. In order to simplify the roll-out on community level, the Federal Government has, together with the federal states and municipal head organisations, compiled a framework directive for Germany to support the construction of a comprehensive Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband provision (NGA-Rahmenregelung). This framework directive was approved by the European Commission on 15. June, 2015 for the first time and replaces the previously effective Bundesrahmenregelung Leerrohre (BRLR, Federal Directive on Empty Conducts). Simultaneously, the NGA- framework directive forms the basis for the directive for Bundesbreitbandförderung (Federal Broadband Programme). The central online portal displays all national tender processes in the field of broadband and serves for all applications in the context of the Federal Broadband Programme.

The European programmes WiFi4EU, CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) and EFSI (European Fund for Strategic Investments) offer further opportunities for the financing of broadband networks. In addition to this, the federal states support – besides the co-funding from the national programme – the co-funded projects of Broadband deployment with own measures.

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