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The European Commission initiates and supports the formation of a European network of Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) and thus contributes directly to realising the digital internal market by 2020.

All EU citizens, even in rural and remote areas, should have access to high-speed broadband internet, so that everyone can benefit equally from online opportunities for e.g.  education, health, administration and business.

BCOs inform citizens und companies and provide local technical means in order to assist efficient investments in broadband processes to representatives of local and regional entities.

On regional and national level, BCOs are installed as contact points within institutions that implement broadband actions within the programmes of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF). Member States and regions are also invited to strengthen the BCO’s functions by suitable technical support.

The European Commission has established the BCO Network Support Facility as the co-ordinating organisation for information exchange, mutual learning and the exchange of approved practises among all BCOs. The BCO Support Facility regularly carries out workshops and training events  and supports the national contact points by providing publications, video interviews and instructive material.

For detailed information on the network, as well as on the activities and events of the BCO Support Facility, please go to the respective pages of the European Commission.

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