WiFi4EU is a funding initiative and programme of the European Union. On behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI), the Federal Broadband Bureau accompanies the programme as a facilitator and contact point for Germany. The programme is directly administrated by the European Commission.

With „WiFi4EU“ the European Commission aims to support wireless access to the internet by so-called Wi-Fi-hotspots in public space. With the initiative’s support, up to 8,000 municipalities without high-capacity internet, will be supported to install hotspots in public market places and buildings such as hospitals, libraries or town halls. There is a total of 120 million euros available for these projects. Citizens, tourists and small enterprises will benefit the most from the initiative.

Instead of forming isolated solutions, the hotspots will become part of the Europe-wide WiFi4EU-network – every user only registers once and can access the internet free of charge at any WiFi4EU hotspot throughout the EU.

Our staff and contact centre provides workshops and guidance about who and what is eligible as well as an overview and details about the process and regulation requirements for applicants. The Federal Broadband Bureau also carries out on-site consultancies in close cooperation with the competence centres of the federal states.

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