Seminars and Workshops

The Federal Broadband Bureau offers diverse qualification measures for the successful broadband roll-out organised on public level. Interested participants can choose from a wide variety of topics concerning the broadband development.

The workshops address different public target groups interested in the topics technology, law, co-funding and market.

They address both, beginners (basic knowledge) as well as experienced employees (advanced knowledge).

All events of the Federal Broadband Bureau can be modified based on individual needs carried out as one-day seminars in Berlin or extended workshops on site with a special focus on regional aspects. In both cases, participation is free of costs for public participants. In the following, you can find a compact overview of the different seminars and workshops.


  • Broadband: basic knowledge
  • Broadband: advanced knowledge
  • Shared use of existing infrastructures (synergy workshop)
  • Broadband roll-out and the role of building authorities part 1
  • Broadband roll-out and the role of building authorities part 2: Workshop for heads of department
  • The fifth generation of mobile communications: 5G – Requirements for accelerated broadband roll-out
  • Gigabit Society: NGN and 5G
  • Internet of Things (IoT)


  • DigiNetz-Gesetz and what it means for municipalities and districts


  • Subsidy for broadband – A guide for regional authorities
  • Subsidy for broadband – A guide for municipalities


  • Broadband roll-out for municipal providers
  • Financing broadband roll-out for banks

Further Seminars

  • Broadband knowledge in brief
  • Training “Central Online Portal”
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